Project visits description

IT4Innovations - national supercomputing centre (ERDF)

IT4Innovations is an innovation center in the field of high-performance computing, data analysis and artificial intelligence. It operates the most powerful supercomputer systems in the Czech Republic.
Please be aware that there is reduced oxygen content in the room with supercomputers - the visit is not suitable for people with health problems (it is possible to see the supercomputers through the glass).Photography and recording are only allowed in certain areas.

Ostrava training hospital SIMLEK (ERDF)
The Simulation Center serves as a facility for practical training of students. It primarily caters to disciplines such as intensive care, paramedics, physiotherapy, pediatric nursing, and general medicine. More information here.

The project aims to create a dignified center for former mining landscape by 2027. This is a strategic project of the Moravian-Silesian Region. It will offer entertainment, education, and new opportunities for people.
Please be aware that this is an outdoor project - bring warm clothing and sturdy shoes.

Increasing the employability of convicted people in the Ostrava region (ESF+)

The project focuses on inactive, low-skilled individuals both during and after serving their sentences. The goal is to provide access to long-term employment opportunities and improve their qualifications and financial literacy.

Live a normal life (ESF+)
The project aims to ensure key activities that assist people with disabilities in participating in regular societal life and support the transformation process of social services in the Moravian-Silesian Region.

Šance fortification (ERDF - INTERREG)

It’s typical example of fortifying a mountain pass area. The Šance fortification has received the tourism award in the Moravian-Silesian Region in the category of a design or architectural gem.
Please be aware that this is an outdoor project - bring warm clothing and sturdy shoes.

Gorol information centre (ERDF - INTERREG)
The Gorolské Tourist Information Center has been established as an interactive hub for exploring and preserving Gorol (people who lived here in the mountains), customs and traditional crafts.

National center for energy (RRF)

A consortium of leading research organizations, universities, and innovation leaders in the field of modern energy. The aim is to create a comprehensive strategy for modern, low-carbon, and sustainable energy.

Ostrava City Campus (ERDF)
Two new campuses of the University of Ostrava have been established. Since February 2023, new coaches, teachers, musicians, producers, and graphic designers have been educated.

IVC (Integrated Emergency Services Center) is a unified workplace for the department of Firefighters, Municipal Police station and Medical rescue service. It was necessary to build adequate technological, service, operational areas, and social facilities.

Fish farming Jistebník (EMFAF)
A traditional regional fish farming company located in a beautiful environment. The projects aimed to acquire equipment and technology for fish farming.
Please be aware that this is an outdoor project - bring warm clothing and sturdy shoes.

Fisheries Denas (EMFAF)
Fisheries have had a tradition in the region since the second half of the 15th century. The project focused on construction improvements and the development of ponds.
Please be aware that this is an outdoor project - bring warm clothing and sturdy shoes.